Generator Services

Diesel generators, like all machinery require and benefit from regular and pro active maintenance.

Although the basic maintenance requirements of all diesel generators are very similar, we understand that every customers system and site is unique.

We will work with you to ensure the reliability, efficiency and longevity of your generator while minimising disruption.

Our service plans are bespoke using only quality components from approved manufactures and suppliers.

All of our personnel are time served, qualified generator engineers who not only have a vast amount of experience in a wide range of generator applications but are also passionate about the work they complete.

Generator Repairs:

We are able to repair most makes and models of diesel generators.

Repairs can be completed on site or if preferred most generators can be removed from site and repaired at our workshop.

All repairs will be completed to current legislation.


A standby generator may not accumulate many running hours during its working life.

Another option rather than purchase all new system equipment is an upgrade to bring it up to present legislation.

Upgrades can vary from basic modifications to complete system overhauls.

Generator Installation and Commissioning:

Generators and mains power standby systems need to be installed and commissioned correctly so that when the mains power is interrupted the complete backup system operates correctly.

Gentec Services Ltd have extensive experience installing & commissioning generator mains backup systems of all sizes.

Our team will complete all works safely, efficiently with total professionalism and in turn minimising disruption and reducing costs.

All installations include Electrical Certification.

Generator Sales:

Gentec Services Ltd has chosen to be totally independent from any generator manufacturers.

This enables us to provide customers a full range of choice of manufacturers and models when purchasing a generator.

We will assess your individual requirements and assist you to choose the generator that is best suited to your application.

Engineering Support:

Gentec Services Ltd can provide you with engineering support.

We understand that balancing the number of generator technicians to equipment on hire especially during peak business seasons is very difficult.

Our support covers all aspects of the generator power industry from single generator engineer back up to Multi Mw temporary or permanent installations.

You can be assured that our engineers will represent your business as well as your full time employees.

When our engineers support you, they become part of your business.

Power Outage Plans (POP's):

We have installed a vast quantity of temporary generators during Mains Power Network Failures or Mains Power Network Planned works on behalf of Generator Rental Companies.

In our experience, if the customer has not prepared a plan for this eventuality the simplest of oversights can result in hugely increased power outage time and increased costs.

With our experience, we can create a Power Outage Plan with you that will include all aspects of Power Outage from numbers for the Local Area Network to confirming generator positioning and electrical termination points.

Gentec Services Ltd will support you every step of the way.

Fuel Polishing:

It's a fact that most fuel stored to supply standby generator applications sits around in fuel tanks in various quantities for long periods of time.

During this time the diesel storage tank will condensate water and along with airborne contaminants, an increased quantity of biodiesel and a decreased quantity of sulphur in standard diesel supplies bacteria will grow.

The bacteria develops into sludge that can easily be drawn into fuel systems and block filters potentially causing a generator and system shutdown.

Gentec Services Ltd can provide a fuel polishing service that removes water, often down to below 200ppm and filters particulate contamination to 3 microns from stored diesel fuel.

This is a far less disruptive and costly process than removing and disposing of all the contaminated fuel and replacing with new.

All fuel will be fully tested before and after polishing at an independent laboratory.

Engine Fluid Analysis:

Analysis of lube oil, fuel and system coolant can identify generator engine issues before they escalate into potential system failures.

Fluid analysis can also assist engineers to identify the reasons behind certain issues such as a lack of performance, loss of efficiency, excessive engine smoke and component erosion.

All of our fluid analysis is completed at an independent laboratory and a full fluid sample report is provided.

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